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I treat people who have some type of pain that they have had before; but never this bad, or for people who are experiencing the first episode ever and where the overwhelming question they have is WHAT IS THIS?   If you have had aches and pains in your back, neck, head, shoulders, or other areas that have responded well to pain medications or anti-inflammatory drugs you can be helped by chiropractic care.

I treat lower back pain, the most common reason people see chiropractors; but I also treat headaches and sinus problems and chronic head pain patterns.  Many people in this area suffer from sinus pain.  See me when you are in pain and if I can help you you will realize it usually immediately or within a few hours of the FIRST treatment!  Pinching sharp severe pain in between your neck and your low back  that is so bad you can’t even take a normal breath is also something I commonly treat.

There are some things you will not experience at Twilley Chiropractic Center. I do not do the stretching and tractions machine treatments. The reason I do not is that I am not satisfied that there have been studies that indicate any LONG TERM POSITIVE IMPROVEMENTS due to the expensive procedures. There are many studies that indicate that getting on a stretching machine three times a week for months does help. However these improvements are normally lost shortly after these treatments stop.

Your treatments will involve manipulation, bone adjustments, but not ONLY that approach. I am very heavily convinced that ergonomic advice is very important if not most important. I am also certain that soft tissue work and exercise advice can be more than critical to a good outcome for a patient.